CamDVR screenshot

CamDVR is a energetic software solution for all video devices, like IP-Cams, Web cams, apprehension cards and much more. The program supports some unlimited number of video devices and is gifted of recording, live broadcasting over the Internet, doing undefined surveillance and scheduler tasks. The (movement) detector performs image comparisons, face exposure and other special tasks. Using web cameras for surveillance and monitoring is augmenting more and more popular every year, especially amid businesses and home owners. CamDVR turns your PC in a digital video registrar without the need of extra require to be paid intensive hardware. When the program detects motion, it can start one or distinct pre-adjusted functions. For instance video recording, representation of an object capturing, executing specified applications, sounding one alarm, transmitting http commands, uploading files to a membrane server or notifying a camera proprietor with an email, among other things. The log of all events is being kept as well. CamDVR highly uses parallel processing to work by all cameras and all functions imultaneously. The program comes also with a function rich scheduler, in the same manner all tasks can be programmed in push. In addition, CamDVR can be note up to monitor only certain areas by reason of motion during specified days or time intervals. The very large repertoire of functions and the reduced price of CamDVR makes it some ideal solution for all people who wants to concede and use a DVR-System (Digital Video Recording). The due features of CamDVR are the constant video recording and the pre-recorded videos. With the durable recording feature the software records 24/7 completely the activities going on and makes a charge control system complete. Additional CamDVR is suited to pre-record hidden in the background from cropped land camera, so that in case of a finding out this pre-recorded video could subsist used. Additional CamDVR comes with every integrated Web server. With a frank HTTP request, all camera videos are viewable in the Web browser.

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SolidProfessor Solidworks 2013

SolidProfessor Solidworks 2013
SolidProfessor Solidworks 2013
SolidProfessor Solidworks 2013 | 5.3 GB
Software Used: SolidWorks | Resolution: 820×580(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 149 Kbps | Files: included
Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Beginners | Language: English | Instructor: SolidProfessor

SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner delivering the largest library of SolidWorks video teaching and tutorial courses on the place of traffic.

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WinRAR 5.00 Beta 3 (x86/x64)

WinRAR 5.00 Beta 3 (x86/x64)
WinRAR 5.00 Beta 3 (x86/x64) | 3.9 MB

WinRAR is a nervous archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent other than ZIP files can. WinRAR is a dominating compression tool with many integrated supplementary functions to help you organize your compressed registers. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and produce new archives in RAR and ZIP toothed format.

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3D PageFlip Standard v2.6.5 + Portable WinAll Multilanguage Retail

3D PageFlip Standard v2 — прекрасная программа, которая легко превратит ваши PDF-файлы в реалистичные цифровые 3D журналы. С программой 3D PageFlip Standard, вы можете создать потрясающие реалистичные интерактивные 3D журналы, каталоги, брошюры, газеты или электронные книги с переворачиваемыми страницами за несколько минут, без знания Flash / HTML или навыков программирования. Также вы можете сохранить вашу цифровую 3D публикацию он-лайн, оффлайн (на ПК, iPad’е и т.д.), или даже записать её на CD/ DVD или даже на USB-флэшку.

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Portable Coollector Movie Database 3.25.2

Portable Coollector Movie Database screenshot

Coollector Portable Movie Database is some easy-to-use application that will help you browse a huge movie database. Personalize it, with your possessions and taste. Movies that you avow have their title underlined. Colored icons pomp if you liked or disliked a movie.

Browse its gigantic database of movies and series, with its gorgeous interface and unmatched investigate engine. Rate all the movies that youve seen, to remember whether they were valuable, or just a waste of your time. Decide the next movies youll watch, by getting a clue from their IMDb rating and popular regard, by checking if they have a mentor and actors that you like, and through watching the trailers on Youtube. Maintain a wishlist.

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Crossover v12.2.0 (Mac OSX) & Downloads

Crossover v12.2.0 (Mac OSX)

Crossover v12.2.0 (Mac OSX) | 78.5 MB

CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications and PC games in successi~ your Mac. It's compliant, affordable, and best of all, in that place's no Windows license required. Your Windows applications and games integrate seamlessly forward your computer; just click and fuse. CrossOver is capable of running a broad range of Windows software and games.

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Wing IDE Personal for Linux 4.1.13-1

Wing IDE Personal for Linux screenshot

Wing IDE Personal is designed by reason of for hobbyists and educational users that are looking for a lower-cost product and put on’t require the full feature expose of Wing IDE Professional. Wing understands your Python code and puts context appropriate-knowledge at your fingertips, whether you’re typing in the reviser and corrector , working in the source browser, provident your project, or debugging your use.

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r loops Gold Strings WAV MiDi & Downloads

r loops Gold Strings WAV MiDi
r loops Gold Strings WAV MiDi – MAGNETRiXX | 137 MB

'Gold Strings' from R-Loops features stingily 200 MB of high quality multi-format loops, like as Strings, Viola, Cello, Pizzicato, Trumpet, Brass, and again. Inside you'll find 76 professionally blended and mastered loops to add some class to your Urban productions.

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Phoenix Live Premium 4

Phoenix Live Premium screenshot

Phoenix Live is every intuitive-to-operate laser software helping you to easily and fast write your software for your confess laser and DMX devices without some lengthy practising to get to know the software. Choose from more than 300 pre-programmed furniture, complement them with your own programmed effects, logos, lettering and running texts and call into existence a sensational and unique laser flourish. The programming is done by appliance of a real-time timeline, what one. allows you to keep track of things and synchronise the unbiassed elements in the most perfect direction of motion.

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SharePoint Text Size Zoom 1.2.826.39

SharePoint Text Size Zoom screenshot

Enlarge or lessen the default text size displayed in SharePoint; Add zoom options to somewhat SharePoint page; Restore the text to its first size using the revert option. The SharePoint Text Size Zoom film part gives users direct control to boot their individual SharePoint display, enabling them to with haste and easily change text font size without having to change list or inspect settings. This customizable web part contains three separate zoom options displayed as a prescribed of buttons, allowing for quick subject size increases and decreases, as well in the same proportion that a revert option to restore the theme to its original font size. The SharePoint Text Size Zoom cob~ part helps make lengthy SharePoint lists more accessible and easier on the eyes independently of requiring complex changes to site settings. When you consider to work with SharePoint sites diverse hours per day, it can have ~ing exhausting and difficult to read the ~ment in text-heavy documents. But, through boostsolutions’s Text Size Zoom texture part, reading large quantities of verse is more manageable. It provides a user-well-affected toward each other way to make SharePoint sites further accessible, which especially useful if persons with different reading habits are accessing your page. Everybody can adjust the size of the thesis so that they feel comfortable lection it.

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Free White Walkers GOT Screensaver 3.3

Free White Walkers GOT Screensaver screenshot

The White Walkers, referred to viewed like the Others in the books, are a mythological line mentioned in ancient legends and stories from the time of the First Men and the Children of the Forest. WHITE WALKERS THEMED WEB SEARCH Eight multitude years before Robert’s Rebellion, a winter known as the Long Night lasted a succession of descendants. In the darkness and cold of the Long Night, the White Walkers descended on the subject of Westeros from the farthest north, the polar regions of the Lands of Always Winter. None knew for what cause they came, but they killed every one of in their path, reanimating the dead similar to wights to kill the living at their rule. Eventually the peoples of Westeros rallied and in a conflict known as the War for the Dawn, the White Walkers were defeated and driven back into the uttermost north, with the Wall raised to hinder their return. In the present age, most believe they never existed and are exact the stuff of legends, and in like manner the few who believe they did formerly exist think they went extinct thousands of years ~ne. Certainly, none have been seen during the term of thousands of years. While held being of the kind which myths and spoken of in the same power to ~e as ghosts, goblins, “Grumkins and Snarks”, in that place is a growing belief amongst the wildlings who live in advance of the Wall that the White Walkers be delivered of returned. White Walkers are humanoid. They are taller than humans, and they accept wispy white hair and pale of a ~ color skin which is stretched and exceedingly gaunt. The skin seems dry and wrinkled, giving them a mummified appearance. White Walkers control the magical power to reanimate the dead while their servants, known as Wights. They are known because their icy blue eyes, which a Wight be pleased also possess when resurrected by a White Walker. White Walkers use weapons that have thin blades made of extremely afflicting crystal. According to legend, the White Walkers address a language known in myth in the manner that “Skroth”. The White Walkers are often known as “the Others” in the novels, and were stagnant known by this name in the elementary draft of the pilot script. In th.

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PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor screenshot

An advanced, pliant-to-use monitoring solution for your complete network. The software’s features hold: up/downtime monitoring, traffic and practice monitoring, packet sniffing, failover clustering, in-profoundness analysis and concise reporting. A user-good web-based interface allows users to rapidly auto-discover and configure the network devices and sensors they wish to counsellor. All common methods for acquiring reticulated usage data are supported: SNMP and WMI, Packet Sniffing and NetFlow / sFlow / jFlow. It likewise offers SMTP/IMAP Roundtrip-Email Monitoring and VMware Monitoring, VoIP Monitoring, Toplists against Packet Sniffing and Netflow Sensors, at the same time that well as sensor aggregation using its built-in Sensor Factory. PRTG Network Monitor includes besides than 150 sensor types for entirely common network services (e.g. PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, SSH etc.), allowing users to mentor networks for availability, speed and failures. As early as an outage occurs, alerts are sent by way of email, SMS, pager messages and other estate. Request times and downtimes are recorded in ~y internal database, making it easy to select and arrange performance, downtime and SLA reports. Monitoring, reporting and notifications have power to be automatically scheduled at specific spells. High Availabiltiy is guaranteed by the innovative failover throng, and remote probes can be used during easy multi-location monitoring. Network maps have power to be created which provide users with a unique visual network management tool. PRTG Network Monitor’s Freeware Edition is completely open for personal and commercial use. The Commercial Editions are required grant that you want to monitor more than ten sensors.

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Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility 3.4

Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility screenshot

Get authoritative Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers in opposition to your Windows. Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility scans your computer beneficial to missing, corrupt, and outdated drivers and automatically downloads and updates them to the latest, greatest in quantity compatible version. Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility saves you time and defeat and works with all drivers similar as sound drivers, video drivers, wireless drivers etc. How does Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility update drivers in the place of your computer? Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility performs a examine of your computer and all attached devices to make out which drivers are either missing, corrupt, or possess become obsolete. Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility searches a database of across 11 million drivers and matches lost, corrupt, or obsolete Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers to the appropriate and ~ numerous recent drivers. Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility backs up your existing drivers and settings to make a restore point in case sure drivers continue to be incompatible. Acer ASPIRE ONE D250 Drivers Utility downloads and updates your drivers, based on the scan, and matches to the latest greatest number compatible versions.

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Systemrescuecd v3.5.1 (2013) & Downloads

Systemrescuecd v3.5.1 (2013)

Systemrescuecd v3.5.1 (2013) | 397 Mb

SystemRescueCd recovery disk, which is based on Linux and is advantageous as a bootable CD / DVD-ROM or USB-stab for the administration and recovery body and data after a crash. It contains tools because working with hard disk: a collapse into sections, diagnosis, preservation and restoration parts. Knows how to mount the Windows Ntfs with regard to reading and writing. It also contains tools during configuring the network, network services, probe tools, rootkits and antivirus. It can be

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Delete Skype History

Delete Skype History screenshot

Delete Skype History computer program solves the point in dispute of the invasion of your secrecy and cleans your Skype footprint in c~tinuance work or public computers. Use the software while: – You want to be confident your communications won’t subsist disclosed by others – You chat in Internet cafe or dear companion’s computers and don’t necessity friends, system administrator or other visitors to be studious in books your private conversations – You don’t desire your sysadmin, colleagues, or boss to march into your private conversations with friends, relatives, acquaintances forward your work computer – You don’t fall short your secrets are disclosed to anyone unlawful Delete Skype History allows you to selected one or more contacts and delete conversation history with them for your undisturbed. You can also clean all confabulate history in a few mouse clicks. By default Delete Skype History creates conversation history backup before cleaning messages. You be possible to switch off the option. At in ~ degree time you can select any of backups and renew old messages for your convenience. If you employment several Skype accounts Delete Skype History be able to work with all of them. Delete Skype History works because of both desktop and Windows 8 accumulation app versions of Skype.

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TCPPortForwarding 1.0.1

TCPPortForwarding screenshot

Tcp Port Forwarding tool allows to take possession of and redirect TCP traffic that flows through a particular port. Tcp Port Forwarding software likewise can work as network bridge during the term of redirecting TCP network traffic from the same network card to another one. This tool is used for testing some services, firewall and encroachment detection systems. The program can furthermore be used for debugging programs and configuring other reticulated tools.

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Esoterica Hollow Earth (2013)


Esoterica Hollow Earth (2013)

Esoterica: Hollow Earth 2013 ENG BETA
Year: 2013 | PC | English | Developer: Happy Artist | Publisher: Alawar | 320 MB
Genre: contingency, logic, I’m looking for
New inspection of Happy Artist and Alawar.

System requirements:
- Operating connected view: Windows XP / Vista
- Processor: Intel Pentium IV – 1,4 GHz

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